Anton Schmaus is the head chef of the national team: “All the players like pasta like doner kebab.”

Anton Schmaus knows what Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer and Mario Gotze like to eat. Responsible for hosting the German national team. What athletes are told and why good nutrition is so important in high-level sport.

Regensburg star chef Anton Schmaus has been the head chef of the German national team since 2017. This summer he will travel to Qatar with the eleven for the soccer world cup. of the Star He talks to athletes about what they eat, what they like to eat and the importance of paying attention to your diet.

What will Mr. Schmaus cook when his national team wins the World Cup?

If we have to win the World Cup, the food is the third or fourth priority. I could certainly serve anything in happiness.

What does the head chef of the national team do?

I eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. And if something else is needed at night to increase regeneration. I make sure the nutritional base is consistent.

what does that mean?

The players receive the nutrients they need in a balanced way. Be it vegetable or animal proteins, carbohydrates, fiber or vitamins.

Also, what do you recommend the players eat?

Absolutely, I am the point of contact for the players when it comes to nutrition and I am more than happy to share my knowledge with them. So be aware of what you eat to perform at your best.

What is the meal plan like in the life of a professional football player?

Breakfast is extensive: from acai bowls, overnight oats, egg dishes to bircher muesli, smoothies and breakfast couscous. The offer is very rich. At lunch and dinner there are mostly the same dishes: so salad buffet, many soups, four main dishes with fish, with meat, but pasta. Then a lot of vegetables and carbohydrate foods, rice and potatoes in all forms. Also a little sweet and a lot of fruit. In the afternoon there are dry cakes, energy balls, smoothie bowls, yogurt and muesli bars. However, the composition depends on how many times a day and how intensively you train.

Does this mean more training, more carbs?

In fact, I encourage athletes to eat more carbohydrates after training continuously.

Are gummy bears or beer allowed?

Beer is meaningless if the players have to practice again the next day. They are at their peak performance during the competition, and above all, they need to focus on recovery. Maybe they drink a non-alcoholic beer after a game. Of course, some want to eat gummy bears or a piece of chocolate, but we don’t offer that.

Do soccer players have special questions that you find unique or strange?

Actually, the soccer players I have are the most interesting customers. All desires remain within limits, I can approve them all and do not have to oppose them. Sometimes there are players who want to eat something different before a game because that’s what they always do at their club.

For example, what is there?

This can be buckwheat or rice milk boiled with beetroot. He is a perfect individual. When the players want to perform at their best, we do it for them.

Can football players claim school trip meals?

Not normally. That doesn’t matter, because I plan the meals in advance. However, if we are in a competition for a long time, it is important to keep the spirit high. So sometimes we create a sense of home and apply, for example, Maultaschen. Everyone loves to eat them.

Do players come up to you and ask for cooking tips?

Sometimes a person is interested in how to get the strength of the meat. Sometimes people ask what is Jerusalem artichoke, why is it good for me?

There are more studies on vegan diet and exercise. A recent pilot study by the company Otley and SV Babelsberg. In it, seven football players followed a vegan diet for eight weeks. The athletic performance that followed was as good as the Omnivore’s fellows. What do you think about eating a plant-based diet when you have to do such a sport?

The pilot study found that it does not take meat consumption to achieve high athletic performance. But if the diet is based only on plants, you should cope very well. You should know what to drink. And you should add vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Are there vegetarians or vegans in the national team?

Some are at least partially vegetarian or vegan. In general, players are more concerned about nutrition and already eat mostly plants. The consciousness is there.

What food do all players like?

The donor pasta.

what please Please tell us more about it.

Kebab pasta is very finely chopped lamb, with the classic kebab ingredients of cucumber, tomato, cabbage, red onion, yogurt sauce, hot. Everything is tossed with refined wheat pasta. Players love to eat, and I can vouch for the players’ carb intake.

How important is nutrition for national team sports?

It is a very important building material. Nutrition contributes to recovery, reducing the risk of injury. Eating right improves your ability to concentrate. Everyone knows: if you fill your stomach at night, you won’t sleep well and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. What applies to us also applies to high-level sports. If you have to perform at a high level every day, it is very important for you to eat well and in a targeted way.

Let’s talk about Qatar: There are strict rules for female journalists on how to report. Is there such a thing for you, foods that you are not allowed to prepare?

I don’t know anything yet. Considering the pork, maybe there is. But that’s not on my menu.

They are responsible for food quality assurance. How do you guarantee this in Qatar? Do they bring everything from Germany?

We don’t carry any groceries from Germany, but Qatar is a hub, since the country has nothing to produce itself, everything has to be imported – and we buy locally. Everything will be there for the players to develop well again.

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The players change from winter to winter, they have to deal with the change of time. This puts pressure on the immune system. How do you help the national team get the most out of this change?

We help players support their immune systems. Along with basics like advice on disinfecting your hands. But with immune system boosters like ginger and turmeric shots. Or a very strong soup with ginger.

What excites you most about this particular job you do there?

This position is an absolute privilege. The team is great and you get to experience things you would never experience. I am a football fan and I am very excited about this activity and this competition.

He has been the head chef of the national team since 2017. What do you do better than your predecessor, Holger Stromberg?

nothing. (laughter) Holger Stromberg He became world champion with the team in Brazil in 2014, so he did everything right. I have to achieve that first.

Last but not least: Should Thomas Mueller do without his pretrial in Qatar?

In Qatar? Divorce.

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