Butterfly Lemon: These colors are out of this world!

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to give up refreshing lemonade. You can’t eat only soup, stew and tea. Especially last week, the thermometer rose to an incredible 26 degrees in some parts of Germany. And since you’ve already seen the photo of the butterfly lemonade, you must be wondering how to make this magical drink color combination at home. No problem, we’ll tell you below.

So much in advance, it really doesn’t take much time, besides the blue snowflakes, it really needs to be cooled first. Did we mention that aside from the water, you only need a few ingredients to make this Butterfly Lemonade sparkling in your glass? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

And while you should have no problem finding lemon, sugar, water, and optionally ginger at the supermarket or at home, you may need to order butterfly pea tea, also known as anchan tea, online. Incidentally, the name butterfly lemon is derived from the name of tea.

Well enough talking now. If you are looking for other refreshing drinks besides lemon juice with special color effect, we are happy to help you. Otherwise, we wish you colorful happiness!

Glass of ginger beer and ice with ginger and citrus fruits on gray table.


72 hours 10 minutes

Medium difficulty

Homemade cola syrup made from cola plants in a glass on a wooden table.  Front view.


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A glass with yellow lemon marmalade and blue ice cubes.


Butterfly lemon – what a color show

press release

Magical colors make this simple drink a real highlight.


  1. For ice cubes, mix 200 ml of water with butterfly pea tea and let it brew for about 3 minutes. The water turns blue very quickly. Excellent result. Then freeze the blue tea in a regular ice cube mold.

  2. For the lemon itself, simply squeeze the lemons. You get about 100 ml of juice from one lemon. Say about 3 lemons should be enough. Mix lemon juice with sugar and water until the sugar dissolves. Optionally, stir in ginger.

  3. Then pour the lemon into the glass and carefully pour the blue ice cubes. As they come in contact with the acid, the surrounding liquid turns pink to purple. Now if you stir everything, the whole drink will glow in violet color. So if you want a color transition, don’t panic!

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