Cheap Cooking: Cheaper alternatives to expensive ingredients

Updated: 12.11.2022 – 20:33

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Cheap Cooking: How to combine inexpensive options with expensive products

Substitute expensive products with cheaper ones that cannot be replaced, or at least extend them: savings tips for groceries make this very easy.

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Substitute expensive products with cheaper ones that cannot be replaced, or at least extend them: savings tips for groceries make this very easy.

We’ll tell you how you can replace expensive foods in many meals without realizing it, or how you can stretch out and save a lot of money.

It refers to basic products like butter, eggs and oil, as well as minced meat, etc. The prices of all foods have increased in recent months. We’ll show you how to mix expensive products with cheap ones – without losing much fun or even noticing.

Saving money when cooking is very easy: spread scrambled eggs

For example, the price of eggs increased by 24 percent. In many households, a scrambled egg in the morning is part of the daily bread in the truest sense of the word. In the future, you can add a paste of milk and mineral water to your broken eggs. In terms of color, it may not be that bright yellow, but it has a very soft and smooth taste. There were voices in our editorial team who thought that the texture of scrambled eggs mixed with mineral water and milk was better than regular eggs.

Also, do you have a tip for saving ground beef?

How can you save money on meatballs and other ground beef dishes? The answer is simple, healthy oatmeal. Not only are they high in fiber and therefore more filling than breadcrumbs, eggs or stale rolls, they are also cheaper and ultimately provide more volume. Simply mix two-thirds of ground beef with one-third of rolled oats. You can save everything except spices and process the minced meat as usual.

What about the cake?

No one wants to do without moist cakes. But even in this case, there is a cheaper alternative to expensive eggs, namely apple pulp. From a health perspective, this is again a good thing, because apple puree contains only the natural sweetness of apples. Another benefit: simply replace the eggs in your classic cake recipe with apple powder. In our blueberry marble cake recipe, we replace 4 eggs with 100 grams of apple pulp. The cake was very moist and at least it tasted good. Great savings tip. The only difference: recipes with broken eggs or similar desserts.

Everyone loves lasagna: how cheap can it be?

To save a lot of meat and expensive pasta dishes, you need a vegetable where you can put scraps like lasagna dishes. And for the children to enter it properly, as well, let’s take a vegetable that does not have its own taste: Zucchini. Simply cut into thin slices or like a lasagna plate and put in a mold, save the pasta sheets and above all, the precious minced meat. Unlike other dishes, here you will see and maybe taste the difference. But it’s still as delicious as “real” lasagna – and most importantly, everyone loves it.


To save more at home, we have taken the question of whether it is possible to bake bread without electricity. We’ve also got some ideas for super-cheap recipes for you, like these classic housewife-style egg and ham noodles, spaghetti with creamed spinach and sour cream sauce, or this steamed apple with sparkling wine sauce.

We are also happy to give you tips on how to save electricity in the kitchen: save electricity while baking!

And finally, one last money-saving tip that will save you a lot of money when cooking pasta and the like: Save a lot of money when cooking pasta!


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