Cinnamon and Sugar Flatbread with Cocoa Yogurt and Peanut Butter –

Today we come around the corner with a super easy breakfast idea. This cinnamon-and-sugar flatbread comes with cocoa butter and you can add peanut butter for flavor.

In fact, at least it tastes good with delicious applesauce. The combination of cinnamon and sugar always brings back childhood memories, at least for me. And from time to time you should be allowed to treat yourself to something sweet for breakfast. You can also take caramel flatbreads to the next level by filling them with fruit, for example by rolling them and then with your choice of sweet dip.

Either way, cinnamon and sugar flatbreads are truly a permanent breakfast idea and simply something different from the usual suspects like porridge, pancakes and co. But of course our recipes stand for other delicious breakfast desserts, sweet cinnamon and sugar. Nothing less than a flatbread with cocoa yogurt and peanut butter. Do you still need proof? Then take a look here and get inspired by these delicious ideas:

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Some sweet wheat flatbreads on a small white bowl and cocoa yogurt


Sweet cinnamon and sugar flatbread with cocoa yogurt and peanut butter

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A very simple but delicious breakfast: our delicious whole wheat flatbread with cocoa yogurt.


  1. Caramelize a large spoonful of sugar in a pan. Then add the flat bread and fry for a short time. Repeat the same principle with the second flat bread. Place both on them, sprinkle with cinnamon and cinnamon.

  2. Mix the yogurt with the cocoa and peanut butter in a small bowl. Put both together and enjoy immediately.

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