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A chef puts a juicy tomato on a wooden board
Stefano Zarella’s Cooking Box © Shutterstock

Italian Dolce Vita is in this cooking box

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Cooking boxes are an interesting offering that comes in a variety of variations. Here you can find interesting details about cooking boxes in general. Above all, interesting information about Stefano Zarella’s cooking box and interesting recipes. It’s sure to whet your appetite for healthy, delicious Italian recipes!

Cooking boxes: differences with advantages and disadvantages

Conventional cookbooks are intended as delivered or self-assembled ingredients, including a recipe for a specific dish. The preparation of special dishes is done by the customer himself at home, you save on shopping trips and get to know new recipes.

Stefano Zarella’s cooking box is a slightly different solution. With Stefano Zarrella’s cooking box, you receive no ingredients, but many lovingly designed, individual recipes. Many years of experience, low prices and a total of 60 delicious recipes speak for the special quality of Zarella cooking boxes. The culinary passion of the entire Zarella family is behind these recipes.

Classic suppliers of Italian cooking boxes for gourmets

Stefano Zarella, but star chefs such as Tim Malzer or Alexander Herrmann offer great cooking boxes. There is no question. However, if you like to be more practical and want to save yourself the purchase of suitable food, you will find enough recipes from the typical cooking boxes in the Italian region with comparable suppliers, which can imitate the good palate.

HelloFresh Italian recipes for gourmets

With HelloFresh, you can easily search for Italian recipes. Sicilian Pasta or Pasta Bufala! With pistachio crumble and mozzarella – the range of Italian dishes at HelloFresh is very diverse. In addition to the recipe, you will find all the necessary ingredients for delicious dishes in the HelloFresh cooking box. So you can start right away.

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Marley spoon for those who like to try

Marley Spoon knows how well Italian dishes go down with their customers. That’s why there are regular meals with pasta that you can conveniently have delivered to your home. Do you like unusual foods? Then Marley Spoon’s recipes like gratinated ricotta spinach girasole or penne with smoked almonds and broccoli in a vegan cashew tomato cream will surely convince you.

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My cooking box with the original Italian ingredients

My Cooking Box is a young company based in Italy that ships jewelry boxes all over Europe. With these boxes you will have a little vacation in Italy in your kitchen. The recipes on MyCookingBox were designed by Italo Basi, who, among others, ran the three-star restaurant “Enoteca Pinchiorri” in Florence for 27 years. Treat yourself to a Venetian dinner with lentil crepes and subioti, or Tuscan peaches with truffles and anchovies.

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When the Italian origin inspires the whole family

Stefano Zarella’s cooking box, or currently four sections with 15 unique recipes each, contains a huge variety of delicious dishes. Stefano’s parents, Clementine and Bruno Zarrella, his brother, the singer Giovanni, and his wife, Jana Inna, are all “suspected gourmets.” In collections Italy only, Low carbohydrates, Manjare with mother And For the whole family You will find many Italian delicacies. From avocado pasta to pizza sticks, spaghetti omelettes to zucchini rolls, Stefan Zarella’s cooking boxes contain many recipes. Many recipes come from the experience of Stefano’s mother Clementine.

Stefano Zarrella cooking box: practical, cheap, versatile

If you choose the cooking box separately, you can store up to 5 recipes from Stefano Zarella in it. The practical, white metal box with an attractive design fits into any kitchen. 15 recipe cards per set from foil-coated matte paper, DIN A5 landscape, box 2 sets for 35 EUR.

You can buy the cooking box anytime online from Stefano Zarrella, the hobbyist and Instagram chef. Stefano Zarella’s cooking box costs €9.90. Manjare with mother And For the whole family. The other two sets cost €15 each, while Stefano Zarella’s individual cooking box with four sets is available for €54.60.

Four great recipes for a lot of fun cooking at home

in collection Italy only Zarella’s family recipes contain some insider tips. In the collection Low carbohydrates Stefano Zarella’s Cookbook contains many recipes for creating healthy meals at home. Manjare with mother It offers favorite recipes from Stefano and Mom, special family dishes are available in the collection For the whole family.

That’s what makes the Stefano Zarella cooking box so special, you have so many different recipes and possibilities for your own creativity. For example with the free combination of individual recipes. This makes experimenting and cooking a lot of fun.

Koxbox presents Stefano Zarrella

You can experiment more individually by purchasing a single recipe set or cooking box from Stefano Zarrella. You will know the individual stages of preparation and learn something about the nutritional value of individual ingredients. The photos of Stefano with the finished dish are also very good.

Stefano’s recipe boxes and recipes passed their first test in the summer of 2021 with flying colors. The first edition sold out within hours of publication. The fans are enthusiastic and continue to enjoy the following new releases.

A delicious example from a collection of recipes Italy only

Avocado Pasta with Lemon Sauce, even for vegans. This avocado-lemon sauce goes well with any pasta. The ingredients are:

150g of spaghetti, 30g of cashew nuts, one avocado, two cloves of garlic, half a lemon, some basil, one cream of veggie, one tablespoon of olive oil and spices.

Preparation: cook spaghetti in a pan. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a food processor to create a sauce or puree with a dipping mixture. Heat the soup in a pan, add the cooked spaghetti, stir and – bon appetit!

Experience the recipes and special delights of Stefano Zarella

With Stefano Zarella’s cooking box and various recipe collections, you’ll find great inspiration for healthy and delicious meals. try out! Bella Italia says hello and of course Stefano and Giovanni Zarella with the whole family.

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