Creamy Salmon on Toast – Easy to make and filling!

Sometimes you can go easy on the weekend and enjoy breakfast with little effort. That’s why this morning we’re serving you a relaxing and delicious salmon cream on toast.

This fuss-free spread is perfect as an idea for a tasty and buzzing brunch or a relaxing hangover breakfast. The delicious taste of salmon is amazing in combination with light mayonnaise, cream cheese and spices. If necessary, you can check everything with the touch of a horse. Brilliant!

Other easy creams and spreads for a colorful and delicious breakfast include:

Good ingredients for salmon cream on toast

If you want, you can use your own homemade mayonnaise for the salmon cream. So you know what ingredients are in mayonnaise and you can filter and adjust as you like. It’s best to use free-range organic eggs and the MSC seal and use species from Alaska and the Northeast Atlantic for salmon. This way you protect the stocks, make a small contribution to the environment and enjoy the salmon cream with a clear conscience.

By the way: even ordinary supermarket bread can be prepared as toast at home. For example, with a thin, soft brush. While baking this, we will explain where toast comes from and why simple white bread is so popular.

By the way, in our kitchen talk we will talk about more random and art facts about the great world of food art. There you will find inspiration for your next cooking session and material to laugh, ponder and use in the kitchen!

Salmon cream with toast garnished with fresh chives and served on a wooden ceramic plate.


Refreshing salmon cream on toast

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Salmon cream on toast – this is how your morning starts!


  1. Wash the chips, shake dry and finely chop with the grilled salmon. Fry the roast in a pan or fry in a little fat in a pan.

  2. Mix mayonnaise with cream cheese and lemon juice and mix with chives and salmon. Season with salt and pepper and serve with toast.

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