Day Care Center Steinbüchel: Healthy things on the green table

Kita Vital: Reaffirmation for more exercise, healthy eating, relaxation and sustainability

Meckenheim (red). There was great joy in the municipal inclusive daycare center (Kita) Steinbüchel. After 2013 and 2017, the nursery center was again awarded the Kita Vital certificate. In a small ceremony, director Simon Kerz received his revalidation certificate together with first deputy Hans-Dieter Weitz and the director of the municipality’s youth welfare service, Anna Sittner. “Today we got proof that we live Kita Vital, which is exercise, nutrition, fun and sustainability. I’m proud of that,” Wirtz told the children gathered for a balanced breakfast. “Congratulations,” greeted Mayor Holger Jung.

Yasmin Gross from the Rhine-Sieg district health department, who is now the sponsor of the “Kita Vital Healthy Kindergarten” project, praised the commitment of the Steinbüchel Kindergarten to health promotion. A very good way. She was able to gain an immediate understanding of the application. For breakfast, the children helped themselves to the so-called traffic light table. Colorful vegetable sticks were on the green table, sausage and cheese were waiting on the yellow table, and the kindergarten team had put jam on the red table. According to the colors, the children are allowed to reach the appropriate way. “It’s important to start eating from an early age. The kindergarten team uses the traffic light table to show what’s on the plate,” explains Hans-Dieter Weitz. “And you have a lot of fun with eating,” added Anna Sittner.

Process further improved.

Despite the Corona-related restrictions, the Steinbüchel Kindergarten Center continues to run its Life Program. Training specialists have received continuous training in the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and sustainability. In addition to the children, their parents benefit from the skills, for example during the extended family day, which had to be held digitally due to the epidemic. The breakfast was followed by discounts on four main places where parents can find healthy inspiration at home. Steinbuchel Nursery Center has contributed its own recipes to a nationally published cookbook. “Among other things, we have a recipe for our pumpkin waffles,” reports Simone Kerz. The parents use the recipes that come directly from the nursery center. The result is a collection of very tasty dishes. The “article of the month” on the information wall deals with changing health topics, while the children’s menu on the illustration appeals to the offspring. The children welcomed their visit with Laba. Chickens were guests twice in the yard of the daycare center. The children took care of the animals with love and responsibility and knew the egg directly as food.

Commitment pays off

Steinbuchel Day Care Center first opened in late 2012 with the goal of achieving Kita Vital certification. After a tough few months, Parents, Children and Kindergarten Group formed a profitable alliance and launched new offers. Much has been tested, revised and changed. Even then, the daycare center was successful in cooperation with the municipal youth welfare service specialist. Commitment continues, always pushing the topics of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and later sustainability. In 2017, the second award and now renewed certification was carried out, the ideas were further refined and an extensive list of criteria was met.

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