Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway: Absinthe Cocktail from Dad!

Throughout my life I have developed a special admiration for Ernest Hemingway, which cannot be reduced to his literary works. Few people know, and I’ve considered that for a long time, that dad also made drinks. Of course, some of the compounds are so strong and strong that you can only serve them to people with a clear conscience. But here a little less cl and a little this – there you will find really good cocktails that are very rare. One of them is Death Afternoon, an absinthe cocktail with champagne. It was very strong in the original (maybe the high amount of vermouth in the absinthe was what I was looking for at the time), I tweaked the recipe a bit and lo and behold: a very sparkling absinthe cocktail came out. Because sweetness does not affect the drink, but Hemingway, who suffers from diabetes. But the name Death in the Afternoon says it all, so take the rest of the day!

Special cocktails with absinthe and other foreigners

Our extensive cocktail menu shows that here at CLUB we like to look a little further than Bacardi Cola. According to Jin and co. In addition to such classics, you will find creations that use the evil absinthe or other unusual spirits as a base. Try it:

Want to delve into the topic of cocktails and the art of mixing? Then we can help you there too! Take a look around our cooking school. Here you will find a lot of content around liquid happiness. Want to get a home bar, but don’t have the equipment? This basic equipment is already prepared for the beginner. Ernest Hemingway is always worth a read, especially if you crave cocktails like a dead afternoon. According to the teacher, by the way, about 3-5… well, cheer up…


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Death Afternoon Cocktail with Absinthe and Champagne by Ernest Hemingway in a cocktail glass on a gray table.  Champagne bottle and bar measure in the background.  Front bushing.  Front view.


Absinthe cocktail Hemingway himself: afternoon death with champagne and a little sweetness



Preparation time
5 minutes

Total time
5 minutes

Best Season:

Suitable all year round

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An absinthe cocktail invented by Ernest “Papa” Hemingway: Afternoon Death with Champagne.


  1. First, pour the absinthe, syrup and agave syrup into a chilled glass and stir until cloudy. Then fill with chilled champagne. An orange or even an (edible) rose flower is suitable as a decoration.

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