Eat gluten-free in Dortmund – seven restaurants and cafes

A gluten-free diet is often difficult in everyday life. Here in Dortmund you can eat delicious cakes, pizza, pasta or juicy burgers – without gluten.

  • Anyone who avoids gluten in their diet suddenly finds it difficult to find restaurants or cafes that serve gluten-free food in everyday life.
  • But the Dortmund gastronomy scene is also increasingly adapting to the demand for gluten-free foods. “Waffle pop”, pizza or juicy burger: we show you seven places in Dortmund where there is nothing to stop you from enjoying gluten-free.

Gluten intolerance Or Celiac disease It is a challenge in everyday life: if the thirst comes to a cake or pizza, the victims must know the right shops. foods And A snack as well as Gluten free Tobe offered. Because the demand is growing, as well Dortmund gastronomy scene increasing to him. We will give you an overview Cafes And Restaurants In Dortmund, the Gluten free have provided.

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Increasing demand for gluten-free products

In this year’s Statista survey Around 2.12 million German speakers over the age of 14 reported purchasing gluten-free food within 14 days of the survey. According to the Consumer Center, the demand for gluten-free products is currently increasing and has been growing for years. as well as the Dortmund gastronomy It responds to this trend. Here in Dortmund you will find a selection of cafes and restaurants with gluten-free options.

Grandma Rosa’s gluten-free breakfast buffet

A man who likes a weekend breakfast buffet has entered. Cafe Grandma Rose At Chemnitzer Straße 9 to be exact. Guests are served a buffet at the table and can order as much as they are hungry. Many things at Cafe Oma Rosa are homemade: for example spreads, vegan egg salad, curry date dip or jams. The breakfast buffet is also available in a gluten-free version. Breakfast is available here every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. There is also a lunch menu at Oma Rosa with soups and other dishes.

Gluten-free breakfast at Cafe Rot

Another good place to have a gluten-free breakfast is at Robert-Koch-Strasse 26 in the Kaiserviertel. Cafe red There is gluten-free bread and rolls as well as oat milk and always a selection of gluten-free cupcakes or cakes. In addition to the traditional Turkish peasant breakfast, the cafe serves many other Turkish specialties. Breakfast can be ordered online at Cafe Rot for home delivery. There will also be gluten-free crackers for Christmas.

Gluten-free pastries in neighborhood tarts

In addition to various coffee specialties Cafe Kieztörtchen At Essener Straße 12 in Dortmund’s Kreuzviertel, she offers her guests homemade cakes, “Kieztörtchen”, muffins and cinnamon rolls. The cafe recognizes organic quality and its products are regional and seasonal. Gluten-free pastries are regularly available here. The tasty little things can be enjoyed in the on-site cafe or ordered online through the “Kiez-Shop” for delivery to your home.

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A gluten-free waffle pops up at Herzallerliebst.

Waffle pops can be enjoyed in the comfort of mini cinema seats. Cafe Herzallerliebst, Hohe Strasse 59A. The waffles on a stick here aren’t just plain wheat waffle batter, they’re also vegan or gluten-free. For those with a sweet tooth, you can order a gluten-free waffle pop with warm dark chocolate and fresh fruit, for example. If you really fancy it, there are also waffles with sun-dried tomatoes and rocket on offer. Waffle Pops can be pre-ordered for a desired date or time.

Gluten free burgers at Base Kitchen

You don’t have to do without a juicy gluten-free burger in Dortmund either. in the Base kitchen Burgers are freshly prepared at Essener Straße 24 in the Kreuzviertel district of Dortmund. The restaurant claims to value issues such as fair trade and sustainability. “With our gluten-free breads, even those with gluten intolerance are safe and can experience our great taste without compromise. Visit us and order your favorites!” says the home page.

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Go Tut gluten-free foods

Guests can find fresh gluten-free food at organic quality. Doing good, Lindemannstraße 4, on the flat. Here, for example, you can enjoy gluten-free cashew and date cakes. There is a lunch menu with soups or curries from 11.30am. Burgers can be ordered from 3.30 pm – also without gluten. Gut Tut owner and executive chef Ramona Dworschak promises on the homepage: “So you can quickly and safely choose the right food or drink from our daily changing offer, we declare that every food or drink is gluten-free.” In the same place, she wrote: “My kitchen does not meet the WHO/FAO guidelines for celiac patients.”

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Pizza or pasta with gluten-free dough at Mama Mia

If you want gluten-free pizza or pasta, you can find it on Mama Mia (Chemnitzer Straße 38-40) Enjoy. All pizza and pasta dishes are made with gluten-free dough. Mamma Mia has been in Dortmund for over 30 years. Company holidays or large private celebrations can also be celebrated here. Mamma Mia offers a wide selection of simple and traditional Italian fare for every occasion, whether you’re looking to enjoy gluten-free pizza or pasta on the sofa at home and have it delivered.

Important note: In some people, the reaction to gluten is very strong and can cause serious consequences. In this overview, it is not possible to ensure that all the requirements for safe enjoyment are met in every restaurant and cafe. These people should do more research before visiting.

The difference between celiac disease and gluten intolerance

Gluten is a protein component found in grains such as oats, wheat or barley. Of the people who came from Autoimmune disease Celiac disease As a victim, gluten causes chronic inflammation in the small intestine, which prevents the absorption of important nutrients. Do Celtic patients One percent of the people.

By A Gluten intolerance Or Gluten sensitivity On the other hand, the physical effects are milder than celiac disease. It is one. Allergy. Physical reactions are delayed for up to 72 hours after eating gluten-containing products. Little is known about the number of victims. However, the topic of gluten protein is gaining more attention, and awareness about it is constantly increasing.

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