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This happened this year falstaff magazine Work done The most popular pizzeria in Germany to get. How a pizza should be is a matter of taste. The best pizza can be delivered in advance. Now the next round is underway.

Eight out of ten restaurants nearby

Competition for the titleThe most popular pizzeria in GermanyThere are eight restaurants in the area Wednesday afternoon 19.10.2022, you can vote for your favorite. This Eight restaurants Title Fight:

Since Paolino conc

Anke and Calogero Licata have been running this for over 20 years. “Da Paolino” in conc. Guests who have eaten pizza there would agree. Damn good pizza And the appropriate Italian scan. Reviews on Google clearly show this. With over 270 reviews submitted, the restaurant may be sold out. 4.5 out of 5 stars Happy – the result speaks for itself.

🍕 can be found. Since Paolino at Willinger Strasse 24, 54329 Konz.

Little Italy in Farschweiler

You can’t eat here, but freshly baked pizza will be delivered to your door. Little Italy in Farschweiler It can also be titled. A very popular pizzeria The country will win. As can be seen from the Google rankings, customers rave about Pizza. 4.8 out of 5 stars Awarded to Little Italy.

🍕 If you want to try pizza, you can order online or through their own app. They are baked at Kirchweg 11a, 54317 Farschweiler.

Pizza and Pasta in Siena Trier

Two restaurants compete for the title of most popular pizzeria in Trier. One of themPizza and pasta in Siena“. Here you will find Italian food, pizza, pasta and soup in a cozy atmosphere. This is good for guests: the restaurant is included in Google. 4.3 out of 5 stars Rated.

🍕 Do you have an appetite? You can try pizza variations at Fleischstraße 17.

Pizza House Rustica Saarburg

in the Pizza House Rustica Guests are spoiled for choice: between 18 different pizzas You can choose here. The reviews show how good the pizzas are. “Very good, small and good pizzeria, absolutely recommended”, “exceptionally good pizza” or “pizza with perfect crust” says in recent reviews. all in all 4.5 out of 5 stars They were rewarded.

🍕 If you want to try pizza – or other dishes – you will find the restaurant at Perdemarkt 9, 54439 Saarburg.

Pizzeria da Franco Trier

in the Pizzeria da Franco Traditional pizza has been around since 1975. Here, every guest gets their money’s worth: more than 30 different types of pizza are on the menu, all freshly prepared. The reviews on Google paint a clear picture. 4.3 out of 5 stars They’ve been awarded – the ratings for the past few days have all been five stars.

🍕 Palaststraße 7, 54290 Trier

Ristorante Pizzeria da Mario Pronsfeld

The same goes for this year’s most popular pizzeria.”Restaurante Pizzeria da Mario” From Pronsfeld’s nomination, the traditional Italian restaurant bakes pizzas in Stone stove – and the guests love it. The pizzeria has more than 340 visitors 4.4 out of 5 stars It means to forgive.

🍕 Lünebacher Strasse 1, 54597 Pronsfeld

Italian restaurant Pizzeria da Marco Wittlich

as if Italian da Marco There is a pizza in Wittlich from Wood stove – There are 30 different variations to choose from. Almost 500 people have rated it, and the pizzeria is looking forward to 4.2 out of 5 stars.

🍕 Kurfürstenstraße 47, 54516 Wittlich

Ristorante Pizzeria Italian Clausen

Last year, the Italian Clausen almost took the first place from Clausen. It finished second behind the Mainz restaurant. The Italian Clausen is at the top again this year.

🍕 Authentic Italian is located at Eberhardstraße 16, 54524 Klausen.

Where is the best pizza?

Who title “Most Popular Pizzeria” It depends on the votes cast. Until Wednesday afternoon 19.10.2022, you can vote. Tip: You can daily Vote again. Here is the voice.

Falstaff: Wine and Gourmet Magazine

Focusing on the magazine Enjoy, wine, food and travel It started in 1980. His name Falstaff It refers to a Shakespearean character a Bon vivants and pleasure seekersIt is also known from Verdi’s opera of the same name. With a total circulation of around 150,000, Falstaff Magazine is the largest wine and gourmet magazine in the entire German-speaking world.

Falstaff Magazine (10/13/2022), own report

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