Enter porcini mushrooms antipasti style: it’s the Italian way!

Fall can sometimes bring us a very bountiful and long-lasting mushroom season, and creative ways to use the harvest are needed. Especially the popular pork mushrooms should be used while still available and preserved in the most creative way possible. Do you know the mushrooms in the pot? They swim in spicy oil and, according to the recipe, are somehow part of the Italian antipasti. They are usually sweet and boring. There has to be a better way, right? no problem! In our recipe for pickled porcini mushrooms Italian style, we present to you a recipe that makes the famous edible mushrooms available later in an ingenious way. Pickled pork mushrooms can easily be stored in a clean glass jar in the refrigerator for a few months. But I want to tell you the truth… after preparing everything, the pork mushrooms should be marinated for four weeks. Important: You are not allowed to try on or try on lenses in advance! The prize is a wonderfully seasoned Italian-style pork mushroom.

Boiling, steaming, boiling: preservation is the trend.

Picking pork mushrooms is a good idea. Even when the season is coming to an end, you can find them in the forest or in the weekly market. But mushrooms are not only in season, there are many kinds of vegetables and fruits. If you want to enjoy them beyond the season, why not try these recipes:

For the pickled pork mushrooms are the all-purpose and end-all of sterile pots. You can read how to do this here. You can use it to make salt and dill pickles yourself, for example, as Charlotte explains. I see it…. You can also dry porcini mushrooms. It’s all in our cooking school and cooking dictionary.


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Boiled porridge in a pot on a gray background - next to it is a basket of fresh porcini.  Front view.


Perfect as an antipasti – Italian-style roasted pork and mushrooms

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Pickle porcini mushrooms Italian style: how to make the famous antipasti.


  1. Clean pork mushrooms. To do this, loosen the shape of the trees a little and shorten the end.

  2. Remove the mushrooms from the dirt with a knife. Then wipe with a dry cloth without pressure.

  3. Now boil the vinegar in a suitable pot (ventilate!). Half or quarter the mushrooms depending on their size. Now add half the spices to the vinegar and let it cook briefly. Add mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes.

    As for spices, it depends on the number of bottles. If you use many small glasses for the quantity, one clove and 3-4 peppercorns are recommended per glass. In this case, it is good to add all the cinnamon sticks and birch leaves to the soup and cook with it. On the other hand, if you fill large glasses, you can add a cinnamon stick and 1-2 leaves to the glass.

  4. Now fish the mushrooms out of the pan using a slotted spoon. It is best to put it in a sieve covered with a tea towel. That’s how you pour them.

  5. Now spread the mushrooms on clean glasses. Make sure you only fill the bottom, not the top.

  6. Add spices and shake vigorously. Now fill all the glasses with olive oil so that the mushrooms are completely covered. Seal tightly and leave in a cool, dark place for four weeks.

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