First information about 10312 pizzeria with jazz club

LEGO modular buildings are one of the most popular gathering places in the AFOL community. Over the years, January 1, the building, built on foundation slabs, has been designed with great attention to detail both inside and out, so that individual floors can be removed separately. The whole thing is wrapped up with little pictures and a little story usually told using Easter eggs in the building.

It has been known for several weeks that the next LEGO modular building 2023 will have the number 10312 and will cost a total of 229.99 euros. The set consists of 2899 units, making it the fourth largest of its kind.There were recent rumors that it would be the next modular rap club, but these were quickly disproved. Now there are new details on what could happen instead.

As Brick Clicker recently reported in one of his YouTube videos, set 10312 is said to be a pizzeria. This is located on the ground floor of the building and the facade is mainly designed with dark red stones. There should also be a jazz club on the first floor. Anyone who has taken a closer look at this year’s 10297 Boutique Hotel may have spotted the little teaser on the pinboard featuring a jazz artist.

LEGO icons 10312 [Pizzeria mit Jazzclub]

  • Set Number: 10312
  • Name: [Pizzeria mit Jazzclub]
  • Number of rooms: 2899
  • Characters: ?
  • Official date: January 01, 2023
  • RPP: 229.99 euros
  • Availability: LEGO

It is not yet known what will happen to the third floor of the building. Normally, we’d bet again on a smaller flat here, but that’s pure speculation. In any case, there should still be a large jazz advertising sign on the front of the building. Also, there is no information yet about the choice of mini figure and whether it will be a corner building or not.

But how credible are these new rumors now? so true! Because we also heard about Pizzeria with Jazz Club as a new LEGO modular building 2023 free from Brick Click. This combination seems more likely than the genius circle, which cannot be reconciled with any of LEGO’s own guidelines.

LEGO modular building GWP maybe later

Like 2022, there should also be a suitable GWP (ready to buy) for LEGO modular building next year. We already reported three weeks ago that this small set should have number 40586. As Brick Clicker reports, it should again be a suitable vehicle, more precisely a pizza delivery truck. So far, however, there are no details on what exactly this will look like.

It is somewhat disappointing that the delivery van was not available when the pizzeria went on sale on January 1st. Based on the information we have so far, the GWP won’t appear until the end of January or February, and like the 40532 Vintage Taxi 2022, it will entice especially skeptical customers to purchase the module.

What do you think of a pizzeria with a jazz club as a new LEGO modular building? Do you like another restaurant in the module city? Or do you prefer something else? Which building should definitely be seen as a LEGO module in the future? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Cover photo: LEGO 10036 Pizza from 2002

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