Leinstadt: A new cookbook has what it takes to become a bestseller.

“Finger food” is the subject of a new cookbook by volunteer hospice workers: 200 delicious things to snack on.

How about “salmon in a dressing gown” for breakfast or “meatballs stuffed in bacon with plum sauce” for a late pint or maybe “cheese crowns” for an afternoon snack? And a few “crostini with onion compote and duck breast” in between are always good, right? If your mouth is already watering, the volunteers at the St. Elisabeth Hospice in Altenhundem have done everything right. The group’s second cookbook is now new on the table: 200 delicious recipes with ingredients and preparation plans, this time focusing on finger food, that is, delicious dishes that can be enjoyed without pieces and can give something to every buffet. You don’t need to be a prophet to say: the fun encyclopedia on 220 pages will be popular again and many readers will lick their fingers. Proceeds from sales go back to Elisabeth Hospice.

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Part 1 as presented a year ago. Back then, in November 2021, the authors still had little doubt that they would hit the right nerve with their first work “Cooking preserves body and soul” because cookbooks are a dime a dozen or – to stay with the example – like calories in a Sachertorte. “First we want to see how things are going,” Susan Ludwig said. Summary: It worked, the cooking went like hotcakes. Only copies remain today. Therefore, a new version is being discussed.

Now there is a good reason to post the second work in time for Advent – with the proven concept or recipe. At this time, the ladies have collected all kinds of finger food recipes from their own resources and from their friends and acquaintances, they are sure to work and taste good. Because again the requirement was this: the new book must be filled with the tried and tested.

And meet with the oil. Because finger food is “in”, always and everywhere for all occasions, at the bar table, beer table or on the table, fast, tasty, uncomplicated. The book in DIN A 5 format is called “Happy Snack”. And to match the theme, the entire primer was decorated with colorful watercolors by Rosvita Felgerner. Michael Bruseken, who got the original volume into shape, now has the noble task of putting the ingredients together in a way that all readers can “taste” it immediately. That worked. Quickly find the right recipe at the right time or occasion using the index, divided by color by dips, sweet with fish, meat and vegetarian, and thanks to the mediation binder.

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The Happy Snacks book is on sale now, and the first box will be sold like Mars in St. Martin at the presentation press conference. 1000 pieces were printed and are now available for €10 each. The team of authors would like to thank all sponsors, without whom the project would not have been possible under these conditions. Above all, the proceeds from the sale are again intended for the association “St. Elizabeth’s Hospice”. By selling the first amount, voluntary hospice donors were able to transfer 10,000 euros to the association. They want to build on this great success with “Happy Hummel”. So: grab, prepare and enjoy! enjoy your meal!


Here is the recipe “Happy Bite” (€10, proceeds to Elisabeth Hospice): Volksbank and Books Ham in Altenhundem; Furniture Kattenborn, Langenei; Linden Pharmacy, Savings Bank, Hilbich Altours Travel Agency, Chocolate Shop and Hospital Shop, all in Olpe; Antonius Pharmacy, Gerlingen, Nierhoff Bookstore, Clemens Pharmacy, Sun Mode, all Drolshagen; Buy Bakery Vente, Bilstein and Books Evan, Hilchenbach.

Volunteer hospice staff will have a stand at the Altenhundham Christmas Market on Sunday 27 November.

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