Make lasting gifts yourself – simple and beautiful ideas

Durable gifts are a nice touch that you can easily make yourself. These gifts are not only personal, but protect the environment and your wallet.

Easily make lasting gifts yourself: here’s how

Homemade gifts are a lasting and personal way to make someone happy.

  • bath salt mix300 grams of sea salt with one tablespoon of vegetable oil and ten drops of the essential oil of your choice. The essential oil determines the scent of bath salts. For a special touch, you can finally mix the dried flowers in the salt.
  • Salt dough: You can use this dough to make small gifts like candles or pendants and apply it after baking. Grind two parts flour to one part water and one part salt to make a smooth dough. After that, you can shape the dough and bake at 140 degrees for at least an hour. If you tap the powder and it sounds hollow, it’s done.
  • Kitchen gifts: You can make many people happy with edible gifts. For example, you can make cookies or chocolates that you can pack attractively in a tin or bag. Homemade jams or spreads are also great gifts.
  • Cooking mix: Find and print an easy cake or muffin recipe. Now put the dry ingredients in a single layer in the jar and keep it airtight. Roll up the recipe and hang it on the bottle. Later, the recipient can add the missing fresh ingredients and bake the dough according to the recipe.

Upcycle: This is how old things become beautiful gifts.

You can also make lasting gifts out of many things you no longer use.

  • If you have leftover fabric at home, you can use it to make gifts like a patchwork quilt or bag. You can knit a warm scarf or hat from the leftover wool and give it as a gift.
  • old Cans and jars They are very suitable for the production of atmospheric lamps. To do this, make small holes in a clean tin so that the candle can be lit. If you use glass, you can paint it with glass paint.
  • If they melt Wax residue You can make new candles yourself. All you need is a new wick and a suitable holder for the candle. You can color the melted wax as desired or mix it with essential oils.
  • You can easily make gifts such as purses, lanterns or purses from Tetrapaks. This way you get a personal gift and you have to throw away less waste.

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