Occasions where you spoil yourself

There are many different opportunities to spoil yourself in life. This includes traditional holidays, as well as personal holidays such as birthdays and weddings. People always celebrate these special events, food delights are the focus of the festivities. For this purpose, there are many products offered to gourmets to prepare delicious dishes.

Celebrate his birthday with delicious food

For most people, a birthday is a big event that should be celebrated properly. However, if you want to enjoy yourself on your birthday, there are simple and quick recipes that can be prepared in advance and without stress. So the birthday boy can invite all his friends and relatives and gather in a fun group. These include relatively uncomplicated dishes such as chili con carne or minestrone. In addition, they taste better when they are frozen the next day and should only be heated on the birthday. The following foods can also be prepared:

  • Antipasti
  • Sprinkle with crackers
  • Party salads
  • Baguette with herbs

A large roast that bakes in the oven for a few hours is also possible. In general, delicious meat dishes such as Honigkasseler are very popular with most guests. Anyone celebrating a birthday in the warm spring and summer months can have a barbecue in the garden or on the terrace. Gourmet products such as birthday food can be purchased at Selgros Cash & Carry.

Prepare food for the wedding yourself

The wedding is one of the most important events that a couple celebrates together. However, the celebration is associated with a very high cost because there are many guests. Especially wedding food is very expensive, and the available budget is not always enough for it. Alternatively, prepare the food yourself with the help of close friends and close family members. If everyone contributes something, a wonderful and inexpensive buffet can be created quickly and easily. Dishes with cheese, fish and sausage, as well as fresh salads are suitable for cold dishes. Prepare a variety of baked goods, such as breads and rolls, in baskets with Aptin. For dessert there is a large fruit plate and desserts such as pudding. For the hot buffet, on the other hand, there are delicious soups and stews as well as grilled meat and fish dishes. As side dishes there are vegetables, squash and potatoes as well as French fries and croquettes for the youngsters.

At Christmas, the whole family gathers to spend the holidays with friends. Especially on Christmas Eve, we tend to cook more and eat more. On this day, Catholic families eat only fish, such as trout, carp or salmon. A delicious menu is created by pairing them with delicious side dishes such as rosemary potatoes, parsnip puree or potato dumplings, as well as red cabbage salad or fennel and orange salad. For meat dishes, if the whole family participates in the meal, there are poultry such as chicken, turkey or large turkey. One of the traditional recipes is Christmas roast served with potato salad. There is soup as a starter, pumpkin cream soup and mushroom soup that match the season. For dessert, try the Italian tiramisu or the sophisticated crème brûlée. Paired with homemade biscuits like speculoos and vanilla moonshine that contain Christmas flavors like cardamom and cinnamon.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year with the joy of food

For holidays after Christmas, like New Year’s and New Year’s, fondue or raclette is a good idea, because this type of dining is much simpler than the classic menu. During the holidays, the convivial party and live dancing are ahead, so quick preparation is needed. In this way, the host only has to cut the ingredients into small portions and heat the cheese for the fondue. This leaves more time to decorate the rooms for the holidays and dress up beautifully. For dessert, there are baked apples or small pancakes, which can be prepared on the grill. Chocolate mousse with pear compote is also possible. Since the party on New Year’s Eve lasts longer, the guests can enjoy the fondue or raclette again if necessary.

Classic dishes for Easter

Just like Christmas, families get together on Easter to spend the holidays together. The main thing for the children is to find the colorful Easter eggs that the parents hide well. The Easter Bunny keeps little surprises made of chocolate and other sweet treats in a secret nest. Because this animal is an ancient symbol of the Christian faith, there is a fish meal for Easter on Good Friday. In the past, it was mainly cod, but now it can be home-made gourmet fries. Salmon fillet with wild garlic or parsley is especially juicy. On Easter Saturday, the classic Easter lamb is baked and eaten, as are the chick-shaped sweet buns and cute cookies. In many places, Easter bonfires are held where the whole neighborhood gathers and drinks hot drinks. Then, on Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated, which marks the end of Lent. It’s party time, which can be celebrated with an elaborate Easter brunch. The main dish is juicy Easter ham with sweet potato puree.

Celebrate your round wedding anniversary in beautiful style

Anyone who has been happily married for a long time wants to celebrate the wedding day in a big way. A design with a special slogan suitable for the season, for example, is suitable for this. A simple menu with fish or poultry is perfect for spring, with side dishes such as young potatoes and fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce. A crisp salad is in demand in the summer, and quiche lorraine or tarte flambé is ideal as a main course. On the other hand, in the cooler autumn months, guests look forward to the delicious dishes, and in November there is the classic Martin’s Goose with pumpkin, red cabbage and pumpkins. An excellent beef wellington, scored with a crispy crust, is perfect for winter dishes. If the birthday gathering is too casual, pair it with Italian pasta dishes like lasagna and pizza. Combined with a mixed salad including honey-mustard dressing, the result is a delicious menu.

Festive drinks for all holidays

On public holidays, most people drink sparkling wine or champagne as an aperitif, and wine is served with food. On cold winter days mulled wine and grog will warm the body. However, many Germans prefer the local type of beer to eat. Cocktails and alcoholic mixed drinks like Aperol Spritz are in vogue right now.


There are many occasions throughout the year when you want to spoil yourself with delicious food. Thanks to the special recipe products, every meal can be enjoyed by all your senses.

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