Ornella, the grand opening restaurant in the old town of Munich

A few weeks ago, “Ornella’s Bar and Restaurant” moved to “Orlando Haus” on Platz 4. On Thursday, the new operators, gastronomists Dino Klemenczyk and Uli Sprier (“Rocca Riviera”, “Koi” and brasserie “OskarMaria” in the Literaturhaus) and Friedman Findis (“El Osteria”) were invited to the “grand opening”. “.

*** Dino Clemencic, Friedemann, Findis, Clara Springer, Sunny Randlekofer, Uli Springer, Ornella Restaurant, Platzal, Munich, November 10, 2022 Opening Party, Agency People Photo (c) Vivian Simon
From left to right: Dino Klemencic, Friedemann Findeis, Klara Springer, Sunny Randlkofer (Dallmayr) and Uli Springer. Photo credit: Agency People, Vivian Simons

In the newly opened “Ornella”, which used to house Alphonse Schuhbeck’s “Orlando”, Italian cuisine now meets Japanese tastes, you can dine in a hip-chic setting, celebrate alone and even have lunch…

Good restaurant area

“At “Ornella” we want to invite tourists and guests from all over the world as well as the people of Munich. Ulli Springer. For him, a big dream happened at the “Ornella” between Maximilianstraße and Viktualienmarkt and opposite the famous “Hofbrauhaus”: “For years I drove Orlando-Haus repeatedly and I was very excited by the whole building, the wonderful facade and the wonderful sun terrace. There are so many beautiful ones in downtown Munich. And there are no fancy restaurant locations. We were all happy when we received the confirmation from the Augustin brewery, because the Platzel here has potential.

The name of the new restaurant By the way, the famous actress is Ornella Muti, as Friedman Findes explained with a smile: “We are all fans of Ornella Muti and her films.” It should have been a name that goes with “Orlando”. And that’s how we came up with “Ornella”.

Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine

“There are already enough Italian and Bavarian restaurants in this downtown area. That’s why we decided on this integration concept. For example, Miso says we use aubergine for “Melanzane alla Parmigiana”. Dino Klemenik.

Additional highlights of the menu: for starters, among other things, there are lacquered Teriyaki Octopus with Potato Millefeuille (26 euros) and Vitello Tonto with Shiso Cream (€22) Pasta dishes also have an Asian touch: the “Seafood Tortelli” For example, it is served with vongole, seaweed and miso bouillabaisse fondue (€25).

The main courses come from the grill, e.g A combination of shrimp and calamari with red BBQ miso and wild broccoli (36 euros) or that Black Angus Entrecote with Yuzu Chocho Butter (from 39 euros) As a sweet conclusion, the “Ornella” group serves, among other things, “Fake Tiramisu” with mascarpone, amaretto, umeboshi, cocoa crumble and espresso ice cream (11 euros). Uli Springer: “Ours The chef is Mimo Ruggiero.He worked for many years at the top Italian restaurant “Hippocampus” in Bogenhausen.

Friedman Findis He is one of the founders and owners of the “L’Osteria” chain and has contributed Pinsa to the extensive menu: “Pinsa is very trendy at the moment because the dough is crispy and has fewer calories than the usual pizza,” he explained. In “Ornella”, for example, it is served with mortadella, ricotta and pistachio cream (19 euros) or very basic, like “Margherita” with buffalo mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and grilled vegetables (19 euros).

Ornella restaurant in Munich
Elegant rooms complement Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine. The legend Pinsa on the right.

Lunch at the Ornella restaurant in Munich

For lunch there is a “daily special” withCicchetti”, that is, a small snack in advance, and a main course for 22 euros. Also different Bento boxes (from 22 euros) or Salad Like “salad del monte” with baby spinach, artichoke, rosemary, truffle and goat cheese (18 euros).

Night menu It also offers luxuries such as caviar and “pece crudo” – that is, raw fish such as ceviche (22 euros), tuna tartare (26 euros) and creative variations on sahimi and nigiri. Specials on the drinks menu include drinks like the “Japanese Mule” (with sake, lime, cucumber and ginger beer).

It is open continuously from 12 am to midnight, Monday to Saturday, only Sunday is a day off. “We have room for 120 guests each in the restaurant and on the terrace,” said Dino Clemencic.

A balancing act between historic buildings and modern interior design

Built at the turn of the century and owned by the Messerschmitt Foundation, the house is a listed building, so there was a lot of structural work to be done. The richly decorated ceiling remains, but the old marble floor has now disappeared under a noble wooden floor. In addition to the old furniture, the chandeliers also had to be left behind. Instead, there is now a modern light installation on the roof.

“The centerpiece is the long table in the middle of the hall, which now connects the two areas of the restaurant,” says Dino Klemenchik. Ornella is currently mainly a place for lunch and dinner: “at the end of the year there will be a club lounge with a bar in the basement – space for 100 more guests” A DJ ensures a party atmosphere from Thursday to Saturday. .

Text: Andrea Vodermayr

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