“Pasta Week” in Berlin – Italian waiters serve – dpa

PAstha is not the same as pasta. In the coming week, 32 of the best Italian restaurants in Berlin want to show you how the Italian national dish can be prepared especially creatively. Then the fourth edition “Real Italian Pasta Week” will be held in the capital. In addition to two unusual pasta recipes, guests can choose a glass of wine, an aperitif or a soft drink for a total of 15 euros, according to the organizers.

Between Friedrichshain and Wilmerdorf, Wedding and Tempelhof, the 32 hosts dishes such as homemade pumpkin ravioli with amaretti in butter and sage sauce, patcheri with venison ragout and parmesan, mint nocchi with butter and lemon or homemade spaghetti alla cittara with Abruzzo arrabiata sauce. All 32 restaurants are printed on a leaflet on the Berlin subway map to make it easy to find. Pasta Week – as in “The Real Italian Pizza Week” – is organized by the Italian Communication Company in Berlin. In the year In 2015, they created the “True Italian” quality seal that they give to selected restaurants.

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