Pizza Sandwiches: There’s nothing faster and tastier!

can you believe Need to have a sandwich and pizza combination on the table in 5 minutes? You can also customize the 5-Minute Pizza Sandwich to your taste. Yes, that all sounds too good to be true. But we assure you: it works!

For it to work properly in 5 minutes, you need a good pan that transfers heat quickly and of course you can’t make the pizza dough yourself at this time, you have to use prepared flat bread from the supermarket. Of course, instead of cooking it yourself, you’ll have to buy the tomato sauce or something similar, but it’s a pizza sandwich, not a regular pizza as we know it from Cucina Povera.

The term wedgie sandwich is also being used a lot, but to be honest I find it a bit confusing because I think it refers to something vegetarian. Of course you can make your pizza sandwich vegetarian or even vegan, ultimately there are no limits to your creativity. And for this reason, before we finally get to the pizza sandwich recipe, we have some great inspiration ready for you.

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A slice of pizza sandwich with ham, cheese and tomato on a simple wooden cutting board.


5 Minute Pizza Sandwich – The ultimate sandwich and pizza combo

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You’ll have your very own pizza sandwich in 5 minutes. Long live this lightning strike!


  1. First, place an uncovered pan on the stove and turn it to full heat. Place the first flat bread in the box and cover with the desired ingredients. Be careful not to use too much! And first, sprinkle the cheese on the bottom and also finish with a little cheese, so that the upper flat bread can melt with the lower one. Then put the top layer of dough on it. When the bottom of the pan is very hot, carefully flip the pizza sandwich over. Press together again beforehand.

  2. Sprinkle the top of the flipped pizza sandwich with some cheese. After a while, turn it again and then remove it from the pan.

  3. Cut into slices and enjoy hot.

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