Pomelo Salad with Shrimp: Enjoy the taste of Thailand

As the title already suggests, with this recipe we are again going to the Asian region. More precisely to Thailand. Because fish sauce is never used in Korean and Japanese cuisine. By the way, the same is true of lemon grass. Both can be found in our delicious pomelo salad with shrimp.

To me, this almost represents Asian cuisine, as it combines fruity-sweet and salty flavors in an exemplary manner. On top of that, as usual in Thai food, there’s a good chunk of chilli. Pomelos have been in German supermarkets for a while, but now they are getting juicier and cheaper. A honey pomelo with shrimp is perfect for pomelo salad. My insider tip for finding the best pomelo in the big pile at the supermarket: just pick it up and see how hard it is. Many supermarkets also have scales to keep them on the safe side. The heavier the pom pom, the more juicy and sweeter the pom pom is.

I always enjoy the combination of Asian flavors with pomelo and shrimp. And it tastes so fresh that you will be in the summer with your eyes closed. In fact, with prawns, shrimps and co. Do you know the difference between? Say CLUBBERIN Betty takes this question and answers it for you. And if you’ve always wondered what happens to numbers like 6/8 or 12/14 on large packages of shrimp, you’ll find them here.

And here are a few more suggestions in addition to our Shrimp Pomelo Salad to give you a little more Asian-inspired shrimp inspiration.

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Black bowl with pomelo salad and prawns on a dark wooden table top at an angle.n


Thai pomelo salad with shrimp – very fresh and very clean

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A flavorful combination of pomelo and shrimp that will bring you back a slice of summer.


  1. Fry the cashew nuts in a pan with oil on low heat and remove from the pan when it turns golden. Peel the red onion and garlic. Finely chop the onion and finely chop the garlic. Remove the core from the coolers and cut into fine rings. Finely chop the lime leaves, lemon grass and peeled ginger.

  2. Remove the cashew nuts from the oven. Pour the peanut oil to the consistency and rub everything together with the palm sugar. Then reduce the fish oil and then add lemon juice.

  3. After everything is boiled, remove it from the pot and keep it aside. Wipe the pan once or fry the prawns on both sides. Then remove it from the oven and add the cashew nuts and our sauce to the shrimp.

  4. Peel the pomelo and remove individual fruit parts. Then break them into bite-sized pieces with your hands and fold them into the shrimp. Finally, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with chopped spring onions.

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