Recipe in a hurry: Apple cake with coconut oil

I had coconut oil that was about to expire so I wanted to use it up. Formerly called coconut fat, I don’t know who came up with the idea of ​​calling the solid fat “oil”. But that is not the case today.

I recently introduced a “Marzipan Spice Cake” here and tweaked the apple cake recipe slightly. As you can imagine, I replaced the neutral oil with coconut oil! I also used a medium-sized apple instead of marzipan. Next time I will take two apples, one is very small.

I heated the coconut oil a bit to make it liquid. Then I pour the milk first into the solid ingredients and then the oil, because I don’t have a large container that I usually use to mix liquid ingredients. The cake didn’t hurt at all!

Since I didn’t want to grind bulk flour in my spice grinder this time, I just used white flour. The rest of the ingredients and processing steps are the same as the marzipan spice cake.

Bottom line: You can change the cake as you like, it’s always delicious! If there is no egg, he is also indifferent to strong treatment! I usually cut the bread into 3 x 3 cm cubes, which I freeze in small portions. This way I can get more of my cake. i love him!

I cut the apples into small pieces and do not peel them - it will be a shame on the skin, it will soften from baking!
Enter only with healthy fruit!  As I said, two apples next time.

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