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A vegan diet has nothing but benefits for people, animals and the environment. Anna Carl proves how delicious and easy vegan pastries can be with her cakes and cookies.

What started as a hobby and love of baking has now turned into a business. A good year ago, Anna Carle specialized in vegan baking boxes. Some of you know the cake from your cafe “Isla” on Büchstenstraße, which you have run for two years.
Vegan cafes and bakeries are exceptional. In special cases, it is difficult to find a bakery that can bake herbal cakes. “A regular customer said her friend who lives in the country was dying to try my cake and asked if I could send her a cake. After doing some research, I realized what a huge waste of resources it would be to ship this cake frozen and I couldn’t in good conscience do it.” Eventually, Karl sent her customer a package with all the ingredients and detailed instructions. The idea for the “Plant Cakes” baking boxes was born.

On their home page, customers can now choose between 15 different recipes and order a box that delivers everything they need to their home. “All the ingredients in the box are measured perfectly. In the end, there is nothing left. I’m a food saver myself and I think it’s really bad when there are leftovers and you don’t know what to do with them,” explained the 32-year-old. The closed recipe is easy to understand and successful for inexperienced bakers. It’s guaranteed to be. She’s been vegan herself for two years and can understand the initial struggles of the transition. “Vegan recipes are often easier because you don’t have eggs to separate or butter to whip.”
Anna Karl has set up offices east of Stuttgart where she sells her products. She packs all the ingredients down to the gram and packs the boxes herself. You will only get help from a worker at the market. “In high school, I decided to one day own my own company. That’s why I decided to study business administration, because it gave me the best foundation for it,” says Karl. She’s always wanted to be her own boss and work independently. “I want to work and make a difference in my career. Although with a sweet cake it is just to enjoy people’s little escape from everyday life.

Her studies then took her to Stuttgart. “I’ve lived in Stuttgart most of my life now, but I originally came from a small village between Ulm and Heidenheim,” says Karl. And through all these years, she really learned to love the city. “I really like the hilly landscape in Stuttgart. For two years I had a garden in the vineyard with my partner. The view of the hearth and the funeral pyre is amazing.” You can definitely enjoy a home-baked cake there too.

More information is available at or on Instagram at plantastic.cakes.

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