The Best Pizzas in the World: Italy’s Standard Celebrates Top Pizza Makers

Pizza is clearly one of the Germans’ favorite foods. There are dozens of restaurants and delivery services in every city, and several thousand pizzerias across Germany. Some swear by a thick crust, while for others it should be thin and crisp. But where is the best pizza?

In Italy – where else – gastronomy specialists choose the top restaurants every year in relation to pizza. They test it in restaurants around the world and use this as a basis to rank the best pizzerias they publish on the “” website. In their tests, they use different criteria for taste, products used, service, atmosphere, equipment, waiting time and drink selection.

The pizzeria in Caserta, Italy is the best in the world.

The 2022 leaderboard is now online. There are many Italian restaurants in 100, but there are also three German restaurants.

The first place is Francesco Martucci Pizzeria “I Masanielli”. This is located in Caserta, Italy, near Naples. Frequently featured on best lists, the restaurant is particularly famous for its “Pizza Futura di Marinara” with tomatoes, wild garlic, capers and anchovies.

New York pizzeria “Una Pizza Napolitana” came in second, followed by “Pepe Pizzeria” from Paris. The former serve their pizzas in the typical American thick crust, while the latter impresses with unique creations such as pizza with truffles and hazelnuts. All three leading actors basically produce the famous Neapolitan pizza.

Top 10 Pizzas in the World:

  1. I Masanielli – Caserta, Italy
  2. Una Pizza Napolitana – New York, United States
  3. Pepe’s Pizzeria – Paris, France
  4. 50 Calo – Naples, Italy
  5. 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria – Naples, Italy
  6. I Tigli – San Bonifacio – Italy
  7. Francesco and Salvatore Salvo – Naples, Italy
  8. Seu Pizza Illuminati – Rome, Italy
  9. La Notia 94 – Naples, Italy
  10. Tony’s Pizza Napolitana – San Francisco, United States

Three German pizzerias in the tier

A look at the top 10 shows that Naples is considered the pizza capital of the world. The city is in the top 100 four times, with nearby Caserta in three places. On the other hand, five pizzerias in New York and Rome make the list of the best – but only one is in the top 10. London and Tokyo are also represented by four restaurants.

And what about German pizza lovers? After all, they are completely invisible in the pipe. Three restaurants are within 100. The best German pizzeria is “Pizzazulu” in Fürth, Bavaria (ranked 34). Here, pizzas are made in the Neapolitan style. Two more German pizzerias “Malafemena” and “Futura Neapolitan Pizza” are on the 67th and 98th places, both in Berlin.

And where is the best pizza in Bremen?

On the “Tripadvisor” portal, 53 restaurants are listed for Bremen with the keyword “pizza”. We looked at restaurants with at least 20 ratings and 4.5 out of 5 possible points. The “Tiziano Pizzeria” (New Town), “Zio Manu di Napoli” (Überseestadt), “Bei Lino” (New Town), “Don Camillo (Easter Gate), “La Calma and Il Gusto (East Quarter) or “” Spaghettieria Pizzeria Italia” (East Quarter).

Last year we compiled the best pizzerias in Bremen in this article – just click.

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