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Baking your own bread is trendy. Anyone who has ever pulled a crisp, wonderfully fragrant loaf of bread out of the oven will understand why. Flour breads are especially popular – although the product has its own problems. But accepting the challenge will give good results: sour, sweet and easy-to-dissolve bread is very suitable. It also has a longer shelf life than unleavened bread.

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Cooking guide

Cookbook author Lutz Geissler It’s easy Cooking guide b Rice yeast bread:

Elements b Pre-dough: 270 g Wholemeal oat flour300 grams of water (50 degrees), 6 grams of salt, 60 grams Yeast/ starter / old yeast


1. Geisslers Tip: Put hot water in the bowl and dissolve the salt in it. On the water, flour and that Yeast give away. Stir gently. Important: Never put the soup spoon directly into the hot water, but over the floating powder.

2nd cave Pre-dough Leave to ripen at room temperature for 12 hours. At this time, it should double in size and smell pleasantly sour. Keep an eye on the dough: cooking time may vary.

Elements For the main dough, completely pre-dough yeast, 300 g Wholemeal oat flour160 grams of water, (100 degrees), 24 grams of honey, 7 grams of salt


1. As Pre-dough First, dissolve the salt in water.

2. Then add the flour, yeast and honey to the water and mix into a soft dough and leave for 30 minutes. It should barely rise.

3. Carefully form the dough on a floured work surface – lift the dough from the back and bottom to the center and press it down. Turn the dough a little, lift it from the bottom up again and press it until it is round.

4. Place the dough in a flour proofing basket or in a bowl lined with a floured tea towel. The dough rests for 45-60 minutes and is added by volume for the last time.

5. Preheat the oven with a baking tray to 250 degrees on the bottom and top.

6. Place the dough part on a hot oven and reduce the temperature to 210 degrees. The cake is baked in the bottom third of the oven for 60 minutes.

7. Now comes the most difficult part: let the fragrant fig bread cool overnight before cutting it. tmn

Lutz Geisler, a fan of sourdough, is the author of several books on baking. If he is allowed to bake just one more loaf, he says it is leavened bread. He also recommends oats for beginners. “He’s not that angry.”

If you want to prepare your own yeast, proceed as follows: mix 50 g of whole wheat flour and 50 to 60 ml of warm water in a glass and let it rest for 24 hours at 28 to 30 degrees. This temperature is important for proper ripening. Geißler’s tip: Keep the glass in the refrigerator or freezer and use the heat of the waste. After 24 hours, the mixture is mixed with 50 grams of whole wheat flour and 50 to 60 milliliters of hot water and left until bubbles form and the volume doubles.

“Now that’s a tricky point. You feed it on top—that is, 50g of flour and 50ml of water and let it sit until the smell is distinctly acidic. Sticking with it pays off. “Anyone who gives up too early has really given up on their chances of action,” Geisler says. “You have to be patient and wait for it to start bubbling at some point. Sometimes it takes two or three days.

Continue working with Phil

Does nothing blow and does the approach smell unpleasant? Completely normal, initially all microorganisms from the environment will multiply at the beginning. Over time, however, the desirable microorganisms will prevail and the smell will turn into a fruity-sour one. The smell of soy sauce is an unmistakable sign that the soy sauce starter is successful.

If the mixture smells sour, only a small part is used in the next step. Mix 50 grams of mass flour, 50 ml of water and 10 grams of the mixture in a new glass and wait until the volume doubles. Everything should be repeated until the approach has a pleasant smell. Anyone who has made it this far should pat themselves on the back. The protection paid off; The starter, also called starter, is ready and can be baked.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, yeast is also available with a sweet taste. According to Herman, such delicious yeast will increase the kitchens again and again. And like the Tyrolean Marian Motion, blogger and author of the baking book, she thinks, because “Herman brings a wonderful aroma and taste” and the cake “remains juicy and fresh for a long time.” Unlike the old dough. , Hermann is made with yeast, almost 100 percent success guarantee.

Usually you get Herman as a gift from your friends, feed him for ten days, share it, bake it in one room and give away the rest. But you can prepare Hermann’s dough yourself: mix 100 grams of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 cup of dry yeast and 200 ml of water in a bowl and create a soft dough. Cover the bowl and leave it at room temperature for two days, stirring occasionally.

From now on we will continue as Herman was given. First, the dough rests for a day. Stir every day for the next two to four days. On the fifth day, 100 grams of wheat flour, 150 grams of sugar and 200 milliliters of milk are fed and the cover is placed in the refrigerator. Move vigorously every day from the sixth to the ninth day. On the tenth day, feed as on the fifth day and then divide into four parts. A cake can be made from each part. If you don’t want to bake four cakes, you can gift Herman now or freeze them.

In principle, Herman is suitable for every cake, from sponge cakes and cakes with filling to biscuits. There are recipes in books, on Internet forums, or on Moshen’s blog. His tip: don’t stir the dough for too long, otherwise the cake will be hard as rubber. It is better to briefly stir the flour and baking powder in the last step.

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