The little pizzeria will close after three months

For health reasons
The small pizzeria in Düsseldorf’s old town will close after three months

Adrian Mehr and his mother sell pizza and pasta at “11:11 Uhr” on Bolkerstrasse. They are now looking for a replacement for the store.

It’s probably been four months since the small pizzeria opened on Bolkerstrasse in the city. In just eight square meters, Adrian Mehr and his mother, Fariba Kathirai, serve pizza, pasta and arancini at “11:11 p.m.” There was a soft opening for family and friends in early July, Mehr said. After that he really took off. But at the end of September, they had to close the shop.

Due to ill health, the family could not continue. A replacement is now being sought. There are a few interested parties, says Mehr. It is important that the concept is compatible. “There were already some good concepts.”

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Adrian Mehr found it difficult to close his shop on Bolkerstrasse. “Going to the old city was always one of my biggest dreams,” says the trained caterer.

Mehr grew up in Hamburg, where his Italian stepfather instilled in him a love of Italian food. He came from a gastro family, where his brothers helped on the weekends at Bolkerstrasse. That is why he already knows: “I will stay in gastroenterology, I have been in gastronomy for as long as I can remember.”

At first, self-employment is not an option for him. He’s already had a few discussions, but can’t say exactly what he’ll decide on further. He does not say that he will return to his old city at some point.

With his idea in “11:11 Hours”, Mehr wanted to stand out from the competition. He did not use any ready-made products, he did not prepare the pasta himself. Pizza was offered for €2.70 a slice, he reported shortly after the opening two and a half months ago.

The family ran “11:11 Chicken and Beef” in Langenfeld. There, he had to close permanently. The store in Langenfeld is already sold out.

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