TUI Cruises announces 7 highlights of the new construction Mein Schiff – including new restaurants and single cabins

From the 7 seas to the 7th heaven
TUI Cruises announces the 7 highlights of the new construction Mein Schiff 7

  • Comfortably designed private cabins
  • A new Asian and sushi restaurant with authentic specialties and amazing sushi creations
  • A unique Italian restaurant with high quality Mediterranean delicacies
  • Traditional coffee house
  • A new, exclusive concept of a solar panel on board 6
  • New casino in Abtanz bar
  • Innovative Shipbuilding Enables Environmentally and Climate-Friendly Shipping – Marine Diesel at Sea and Green Electric Port

Guests on Maine ship cruises from 2024 say: You’ll feel great on Seven Powers. Cruise enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice on the new Mein Schiff 7. The first steel cutting and thus the production of the Maine Ship 7 started in June this year at the Mayer Turku shipyard in Turku/Finland and will enter service in 2024. In the year She is a sister ship to Maine Ship 1 and Maine Ship 2, which entered service in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and is the first of three new ships that will complete the Maine Ship fleet in 2026.

And TUI Cruises can already reveal that there will be many new highlights on Mein Schiff 7, providing guests with a unique sense of security and a very high standard of travel on Mein Schiff ships. A completely new cabin category awaits solo travelers: 12 indoor and 14 outdoor single cabins of around 8 m² offer individual freedom with plenty of storage space, spacious showers and a unique atmosphere. “In response to the many requests from our guests and the ongoing trend in solo travelers, we have now combined single cabins on Main Ship 7 for the first time,” says Wiebke Meyer, CEO of Tui Cruises. Caribbean group.

Cooking on cloud 7 with the new Mein Schiff 7

Along with the new cafe on Deck 5, a new concept is coming on Main Ship 7 that combines fun and relaxation in a unique way. Coffee and pasta specialties are served here during the day. And for all those who love sweet things: high quality chocolate specialties can be bought to take away.

In the rear, a new Asian and sushi restaurant is under construction at Main Chef 7 in Grosse Freiheit, where guests can immerse themselves in Asia at lunch and dinner and watch the sushi masters. At the center of the restaurant is the magic of the wonderful variations. The material mix of polished floors and warm wood gives this unique space a modern and at the same time cozy feel.

Lovers of high-quality Mediterranean cuisine will be delighted by the high-class specialties at the new Italian restaurant. Sea views, wooden floors, modern colors and plenty of sunlight streaming in through the large picture windows on Grosse Freiheit’s terrace 4 create a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the plants on the tables and the smell of fresh pizza and pasta, guests immerse themselves in the Italian lifestyle. The famous, solitary breakfast can also be enjoyed here.

At the end of an evening of culinary delights or an indulgent cruise, guests can look forward to a newly designed space: via a spiral staircase named after Grosse Freiheit or directly through Deck 6, guests reach a new and superior level. Sun deck with selected lounge furniture – not too much sea.

“Aboard Mein Schiff, high-quality culinary service is one of the trademarks of the Mein Schiff ships in the exclusive restaurants,” says Wybcke Meier. “On Maine Ship 7, we will inspire our guests with new concepts and offer unforgettable fine cruises with many highlights.”

A visit to the Abtanz Bar is a highlight for many guests. At Mein Schiff 7, the dance floor and bar will be expanded to include a live table and slot machines. Here, the future – delightfully smoke-free – can be given the opportunity and at the same time you can dance the night away.

Continued development with a focus on low-emission shipping operations

With the scheduled launch of Main Ship 7 in 2024, TUI Cruises has reached a milestone in its eco-friendly and climate-neutral cruises: the new building will be powered by low-emission marine diesel (sulfur content: 0.1%) and equipped with Catalytic converters (nitrogen oxide reduction: about 75%) and with offshore power connection. This ensures almost zero-emission shipping operation while the ship is in port (40 percent of operating time). For more efficient waste processing, Maine Ship 7 will develop a new process that heat-treats organic waste and prepares it for further use on land. In addition, the Main Ship 7 will be built in a way that allows the ship to run on methanol, a long-term green methanol. Green methanol (bio- or e-methanol) is a climate-friendly fuel if it is derived from renewable energies. That makes the ship’s propulsion into CO22– Independent. TUI Cruises’ vision is clear: in the long term we want to offer zero-emission and climate-neutral cruises and the first climate-neutral cruises by 2030. The decision to prepare Mein Schiff 7 for methanol drive is an important investment for us in the future,” says Wybcke Meier.

Information and facts about Mein Schiff 7

Construction/Steel Cutting Start: June 14, 2022
Mission: 2024
Length > Width > Draft: Approximately 315.7 meters > Approximately 35.8 meters > Approximately 8 meters
Measurement: Approximately 111,500 GT
Number of ships: 15
Flag: Malta
Cabin: 1,447
Number of guests: 2,894 double occupancy
Staff Strength: About 1,000
Balcony State Units: 80 percent (90 percent out of state units)

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