Two of them are in Berlin

The best pizzerias of 2022 have been revealed. Two Berlin restaurants also made the top 100. We will tell you which ones.

It was food for the poor. The basic recipe is always the same: flour, yeast, water, tomato sauce and cheese. But the wise know: pizza isn’t just pizza. That’s why Italian pizza experts choose the best pizzeria once a year. They will publish the results on the Top Pizza 2022 website. The judges distinguish between seven categories: pizza taste, products used, service, atmosphere and ingredients, waiting time and selection of wine, beer and other drinks. Two Berlin restaurants are this year’s winners.

Not surprisingly, a pizzeria from Italy came out on top. However, not in Naples, but in Caserta. According to the judges, the I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci restaurant has become a favorite destination for pumpkin pizza lovers from all over Italy. “The menu is a showcase of the extensive research done in the flour field, precise cooking processes and an interesting combination of high quality ingredients.” Experimental creations are also available here.

These Berlin pizzerias are world class

Pizza baker Emanuel Cirillo and pizzeria Malafemena came in 67th. The restaurant has two locations in Schöneberg and Prenzlauer Berg. In fairness, the judges particularly praised the atmosphere in the restaurant.

They are also full of praise for the food: “You can find real Italian food here, and if you’re looking for a quality dinner, it’s always reliable.” We recommend trying some of the grilled offerings, such as crochettes, calzones or tronchettos, filled with rich pizza dough.” The pizzas here are baked in a licensed Neapolitan “Forni Valoriani” oven at 420 degrees.

Futura Neapolitan Pizza in Friedrichshain also made it to the top 100 in Bänschstraße. The judges’ statement reads: “Here they serve traditional Neapolitan pizza with Italian DOP ingredients. You can also try montanare, which are pizzas grilled in different ways. Judging by the Google reviews, Futura Pizza inspires true Neapolitans as well.

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