Vegan Gyros Bowl: A variation of a salad in a box

Today we have gyros with two minor changes: First, we don’t serve flatbread or pita bread with them. On the other hand, this variation is completely vegan. Yes, you read that right, we make a bowl of vegan gyros. The clean salad is tasty and spicy, our gyros includes seitan and there are pickled vegetables. Everything is covered with a creamy “yogurt” dressing based on tzatziki. However, we will leave out the pumpkin, because it is already part of the vegan gyros bowl. We’re also cutting back a bit on garlic. Therefore, the plate is suitable for university or even office use.

By the way, we have already prepared the Greek classic in pita bread as vegan gyros. If you want a little more pizazz, replace the traditional tzatziki (as in traditional vegan yogurt) with this avocado version. It goes especially well with a bowl of vegan gyros. But we looked further into Greek cuisine and found and wrote down the following delicious dishes for you:

We love such Mediterranean delicacies not only on vacation, but especially at home. However, Mediterranean cuisine does not stop in Greece. This is what one of our cookbooks of the week suggests: “80 Must-Try Mediterranean Classics”. There are also countries on the Mediterranean Sea like Lebanon, Libya and Israel. Author Danny Ambrosi shows how diverse the dishes in this episode are with his collection of recipes. Get motivated!

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Vegan Gyros Bowl Salad, tomato, rice and vegan gyros, with pita bread.


Vegan Gyros Bowl: A Greek classic like a salad.

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Today, gyros are not in flat bread, but in a salad bowl.

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  1. Drain the soybean paste as directed on the package. Then press it out, then mix it with gyros seasoning. to the side.

  2. Cook the rice in salted water until done. Wash, clean and cut the vegetables.

  3. For the dressing, peel the garlic, wash the dill and cut both. Then mix all the ingredients and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

  4. Fry the soybean pieces in oil. Then prepare all the ingredients in the box, pour the dressing and metaxa soup (optional) on it and serve while it is still warm.

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