Wagner-Pizza is adding new varieties to its range – while others are being phased out.

The frozen pizza brands “Wagner Steinofen” and “Die Backfrische” soon became unrecognizable. Wagner changes the range and design.

Dortmund – Italian food from the fridge – does not immediately think of the traditional German company Wagner? Now the Nestlé brand is taking a drastic step and keeping the famous blue and white logo with red Wagner letters. According to the manufacturer, are the changes based on customer requests – or is there more to it than that?

Unknown – Wagner is based on a new design for pizzas

According to HEIDELBERG24, Wagner’s pizzas have been unaccounted for since mid-October. The “Original Wagner Steinofen” and “Original Wagner de Bakfrische” varieties had to undergo a facelift and now have a completely different pizza packaging.

With the brand relaunch implemented by Roman Klis Design Agency, Wagner primarily wants to reinvent itself and encourage Gen Z to shop. Chip (More service news on RUHR24).

The Wagner Pizza brand is changing the “Die Backfrische” range and design.

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The packaging of the “Original Wagner Steinofen” is presented in blue, while the beige background is intended for “fresh from the oven”. Instead of the usual small Wagner logo in the top left corner, there’s now a newly designed large lettering on the packaging – after all, you should be able to see what you’re buying from afar. And Dr. Oetker decided to change The design of the packaging – but that has a completely different reason.

Wagner throws the pizza variety out of the place – customers have to do without it

The “Wagner Steinofen” and “Die Backfrische” ranges are also changing. When it comes to stone oven pizzas, Wagner focuses mainly on classic pizza variations – in this regard, the new stone oven variation “Margherita” is introduced.

Instead, more unusual flavors are disappearing from the scene. However, the manufacturer promises more “variety and diversity” for the “newly baked” product – including three new varieties: Diavolo, Hawaiian and Vegetarian.

Wagner invested in a new logo two years ago. Design notebook. However, this is completely ignored in the new design. Although it still appears for advertising purposes as well as on social media, Wagner, for whatever reason, gives the impression that he wants to distance himself from the logo.

Is that some sort of survival strategy? After all, some German companies are struggling with cost pressure and are slowly filing for bankruptcy – like the famous sweet factory.

Other companies are currently opting for a design change – it seems very logical to consumers

From a distance, the brand now catches the eye. Achim Shafrina from Design notebook But the question is whether the new letter in Wagner should also work as a logo.

“In the sense of action that creates identity? I have my doubts about this,” he wrote. “As a consumer, I find it confusing to reconfigure the variables in the two product lines,” he continues.

In a design change, Milka, Leibniz & Co. joined Golden Toast – a bread brand owned by the Lichen Group. The new look should improve recognition and, above all, distinguish it from other products on the bread shelf. Both the brand logo and the packaging got a major makeover. Will the products be more convincing as a result?

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