Wildmoser opened a new restaurant “Pizzeria” in the cathedral

Pizza shop Munich

Italian delights in the urban jungle

… with Karl-Heinz and Nicole Wildmoser at their new pizzeria restaurant

It’s so green – a new gastronomic highlight in Munich. One for the mouth and one for the eyes!

Finally, wait for the guests in the new Pizza shop Italian flavors in an urban jungle just a few meters from the city hall.

It’s now in the cathedral with a pizza shop. relaxing, An interesting restaurant She opened her door. Operators are restaurants. Carl Heinz And Nicole Wildmoser (Also “Wildmosers Restaurant-Café am Marienplatz” operating around the corner).

At their new pizza shop – as the name suggests – Italian specialtiesFreshly prepared by master craftsmen: antipasti, salad, pizza, pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes.

“There are large, varied and high-quality Bavarian pubs around the town hall, but there was one thing that was missing. trattoria” says the Italian fan Karl Heinz WildmoserHe and his wife had been thinking of opening their own Italian restaurant for a long time.

“We envisioned a cozy trattoria. Some retro style Not only will you eat well, but you’ll feel right at home stopping by for an espresso, a glass of wine, a beer or an Aperol Spritz. Nicole Wildmoser.

The dream finally came true Sporerstrasse at the cathedral The Wildmosers found the perfect location for their pizza shop.

That A two-story restaurant (which last housed a club) has been fully furnished, renovated and modernized. In collaboration with a planning and furniture company Neumeyer From Holzkirchen, a stylish and cozy restaurant with a unique atmosphere was created in less than three months.

“That’s really what attracts the big eye. Urban forestwho greets guests as soon as they enter the restaurant,” said a spokeswoman Annette Barons.

Carl Heinz and Nicole Wilmoser serve up greens from above in their pizzeria.

“We need our guests Holiday feeling And that’s how we came up with the idea of ​​the vegetated roof,” he says Karl Heinz Wildmoser.

“In our green Indoor forest There is a little break from everyday life, so Nicole Wildmoser: “You sit in the restaurant and you have the feeling of being outside in a cozy trattoria.”

A lush green roof and oversized “copper statues”.

This is especially true in the pizzeria on the ground floor. green Roof Countless hanging (artificial) plants.

Guests are seated under the upper part of the restaurant Installation of olive trees, seems to grow out of the wall. Various small lights are hung in their branches, which creates an atmosphere.

While the colors in the pizzeria down Green, yellow and hot orange predominate, for example, it can be found on the walls, seating areas and fabrics, it dominates the first floor. Rich red.

This includes realistic Italian monuments and architectural illusions inspired by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, the famous Venetian copper engraving.

The large “black and white paintings” look like oversized copper sculptures, the stage sets are deep and carved. More For a pizza shop in high quality Textile wallpaper Produced.

The ceiling on the first floor looks huge, created by a pattern of red and yellow textile wallpaper Retro cover, under it (artificial) olive trees are spread. The guests of the pizzeria will eat underneath, there is no doubt about it.

The guests have a choice between: top or bottom in the restaurant Different seating optionsall in Workshops Holzkirchner Company Neumeyer Created for a pizza shop.

You can take a seat on chairs made of handmade iron frames with wooden backs and comfortable, colorful fabrics – on slightly raised chairs, bar stools or comfortable chairs on green, yellow and gray fabrics.

There are also two beds with benches built into the wall. all of them it is. Color coordinated And For each guest There is something called

Everyone should feel at ease in a pizzeria: young and old, families with children, colleagues having lunch or couples having a cozy tête-à-tête.

“We want to be everyone’s place,” says the pizza shop boss Karl Heinz Wildmoser, and this is reflected in the menu. No one should ever leave a restaurant hungry. There is also something on the menu for vegetarians and vegans.

Pizza, pizza, pasta and more: there’s something for everyone.

The new pizzeria is an Italian restaurant, after all Also cafe and barand there are different ones. Appetizer (such as bruschetta and insalata mista for €8.50 each or grilled goat cheese with rosemary honey, pears, figs, lettuce, croutons and walnuts for €15.50) and Italian Dolce (For example, a Tuscan almond cake for 8.50 euros or a cornetti with different fillings for 3.80 euros each) – with this, for example, a glass of wine (6.50 euros), Aperol Spritz (8.50 euros), half a hacker-pshore-hell (4.90). EUR) or Cappuccino (4 EUR).

of PastaCreations range from penne all-arabbiata (€11) to lasagne (€13.50) and ravioli ricotta (€14.50) to spaghetti frutti di mare (€18.50).

from Fry For example, the Italian burger (€15.50) with grilled vegetables, Parmigiano & Co., Scaloppina di pollo/chicken schnitzel (€19.80) or tender tagliata/beef loin (€28.50), each with side dishes.

Pizza– Friends can go out to the pizzeria 16 differences Choose: from 7 to 18.50 euros. Everything is freshly prepared and comes from the stone oven to the plate – Margherita with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil (€10.50), Capricciosa with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichoke, olives and basil (€14.50). ) or the improved variant Vitello Tonto Cubettato with veal, tuna cream, rocket and capers (€18.50).

The “sister” of pizza PinsaCreated by ancient Rome. Thanks to a powder maturation time of up to 72 hours, Pinsa is particularly easy to mix. In the pizza shop, the dough includes a proprietary recipe with three different flours. Pinsa made from 100 percent spelled flour is also available upon request. Pinza vegetariana with tomato sauce, mozzarella, vegetables, mushrooms and basil is available for 16.50 euros, alternative green asparagus and salmon for 19.50 euros.

Pinza, pizza, pasta or dolce: at the new pizzeria am Dom, enjoyment is the priority – a green indoor forest in a perfectly suited, cozy trattoria atmosphere.

The new Pizzarei am Dom (Sporerstraße 2) has a total of 150 seats on two floors and an outdoor area in front of the building.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/rv4qnkievgf9HLKs5

website: A pizza shop in the cathedral

  • Opening hours

    Daily 11:00 – 11:00 p.m

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